App for scaling and monetising the creative potential of creators.
This is where talents are born and rewarded!

Создаем возможности для всех смелых создателей контента
Если ты начинающий, автор, инфлюенсер, эксперт, певец или просто креативный человек - добро пожаловать!
The whole world is waiting to meet you. Unleash yourself and your talents, create awesome content, collaborate, become a brand ambassador and enjoy the result!
Do you want to monetise it, but have no idea how?
Do you create awesome content and want the whole world to see it?
Trending Challenges
Promote your talents and content, participants will tell the whole world about you!
For beginners and beyond. Ad can cost 0 dollars :)
Blow up Instagram and TikTok and earn through:

Promote yourself, gain new audience and earn money!
Collabs with other creators
Coming soon
Free Mutual PR
Of your account and audience
Leave a link to your video and make money on views
Fill out a small form, pay your budget and you're done!
How it works?
Accept or send ad requests and follow the progress of your deal
We will immediately provide your payment to your balance at the end of a successful deal
Set prices
Instant payments
Fill in the terms of the mutual PR and send applications to others!
Promote yourself and others, because mutual help is awesome!
It's that simple!
Behype creates opportunities for all daring content creators -
your voice will be heard!
If you are a beginner, author, influencer, expert, singer or just a creative person -
you are welcome!
Leave your name and email and be the first among the coolest content creators!
The app will be out very soon, don't miss the release!
When will the app launch?
Very soon, within a month you will receive a notification by email :)
How to register in the application?
Very simple, download the application and register via your phone number :)
How much does a subscription cost?
No subscription, register for free :)
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