App for scaling and monetising the creative potential of creators.
Earn on your influence. Promote your influence.
Together with Behype you will get all the necessary tools to promote your content, get nice branded projects and collaborations with other great creators.
Do you want to show your talents,
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Behype App is an app for promotion and monetization of creators on TikTok and Instagram.
The Behype app will help you become popular and earn on your content.
Do you want to show your talents, get recognised and win a new audience?
Become popular and earn on your content together with Behype!
Do you create cool content
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Is Behype for you?
Look for yourself among our creators!
Создаем возможности для всех смелых создателей контента
Если ты начинающий, автор, инфлюенсер, эксперт, певец или просто креативный человек - добро пожаловать!
Trending Challenges
Promote your talents and content, participants will tell the whole world about you!
For beginners and beyond. Ad can cost 0 dollars :)
Blow up Instagram and TikTok and earn through:
Promote yourself, gain new audience and earn money!
Collabs with other creators
Free Mutual PR
Stats of your account and audience
Fill out the form, pay the budget and make your trend viral! Participants will help you get into the rivers :)
Your challenge, popularize your song or dance. Make yourself known to the whole world!
That easy
How it works?
Participate in our challenges, gain views and earn on it.
Look for creators and promote yourself or your product with them!
Set your own conditions and prices for advertising, and respond to cool collabs and projects.
Create cool duets and promotion!
It's fast and safe
Fill in the terms of the mutual PR and send applications to others!
Promote yourself and others, because mutual help is awesome!
It's that simple!
Behype creates opportunities for all daring content creators -
your voice will be heard!
If you are a beginner, author, influencer, expert, singer or just a creative person -
you are welcome!
Download the app and get a whole month without any commission fees!
Don't miss this great opportunity!
Скачай приложение прямо сейчас и получи целый месяц работы без комиссии!
How to register in mobile app?
It's very simple, download the app from App Store or Google Play and register via email:)
Is there a subscription cost?
Nope, there is no subscription, register for free and promote your talent! :)
    Is there a commission?
    There is our small commission to support our work Behype - 10%
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